Profile, Team & Notifications FAQs

This section contains FAQs related to the profile, Team and notification section

How to change my email ID?

You cannot change your email address once you have created your account from the BotPenguin app. However, You can contact BotPenguin at to change your email address.

How to delete my Botpenguin account?

Once you login to your BotPenguin account

  1. Navigate to the profile section in the settings section

  2. In the bottom left corner, There you can see the option 'delete my account

Do I receive any notification when any Livechat request has come up?

Your notifications dashboard will receive notifications when live chat requests come through. These notifications are visible to you and the agents you add to your account.

What is a team? How do you add a new team member?

A team in BotPenguin is people in your organization that will take over for a live chat request. You can add up to three support agents to your team. Moreover, you can give your team access to your account by giving them a separate account with credentials you create in the Team module.

  1. To add the same, Navigate the To Team Tab.

  2. Click On Add Team Member

  3. To Add A New Member, Fill Out The Name, Email, and Password of your new team Member.

  4. You can also add their photograph and WhatsApp Number.

How can a new team member log in to the BotPenguin?

A new team member can log in with their assigned credentials on BotPenguin. You can add three members to the team module on BotPenguin. The main account owner will have full access to these credentials and can change them as they see fit.

  1. Navigate To Team Tab

  2. Click On Add Team Member To Add A New Member

  3. Fill Out The Name, Email, and Password Of You New Team Member. You can also add their photograph and WhatsApp Number.

  4. For example, A New Team member here will log in on from their email address and the password above.

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