🟩February '24 Releases

This Page contains the information of the releases 3.4.7-3.5.0of BotPenguin

Release 3.5.0

Release Summary

Tested on: 23 February 2024 Operating System(Stable Version) - macOS - Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68) Browser: Chrome - Version 121.0.6167.184 (Official Build) (arm64)

βœ… AI persona for personal sales assistant live

With this functionality, AI will respond more like humans.

βœ… BotPenguin optimization for improving loading speed and performance

  • CI/CD pipeline time reduced to 8 minutes from 18-20 minutes

  • Speed optimization:- Dashboard build size reduced to 2.8 MB from 12 MB

  • Localisation mapped to Google Sheet

  • Localisation process automated using Google APP Scripts

  • Weekly AWS Backups enabled for BotPenguin S3 bucket.

  • Inbox text search added for speed.

βœ… ChatGPT Integration setting includes Assistant ID for better response.

The assistant ID plays a crucial role in helping ChatGPT improve its responses by enabling personalization, contextual understanding, feedback, and continual learning.

Note: A new text field is added on the chatGPT integration section it appears when the user selects (Model type - Assistant Beta).

βœ… Edit flow name capability.

Now the customer can edit the flow name by clicking the edit flow name option from the actions column.

βœ… GO High-level Integration with custom attribute mapping for Website and WhatsApp.

Now the customer can map custom attributes with the Go High-level integration.

Note: This mapping is available under the integration section for GO High-level.

βœ… Bugs and Other UI Enhancements

  • The inbox filter issue is fixed.

  • Issue with the Exporting emojis is resolved.

  • Dropdown clickable error fixed.

  • Issue fixed for the enhancement of our AI chat history response feature

  • Issue regarding the agency password reset has been successfully resolved

  • Timezone issue related to Google Calendar integration has been successfully resolved


Release 3.4.9

Release Summary

Tested on: 16 February 2024 Operating System(Stable Version) - macOS - Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68) Browser: Chrome - Version 121.0.6167.184 (Official Build) (arm64)

βœ… AI unusual scenarios handling live

  • We have augmented user capabilities to manage conversation flows in instances where responses from the ChatGPT component are atypical.

  • Enhanced capabilities have been introduced to manage conversation flows and determine the subsequent question after a user has used inappropriate language in the chat.

Note: This feature is accessible within the AI settings tab of the Bot settings menu.

βœ… Bugs and Other UI Enhancements

  • MongoDB Online Archive activated for large collections. 22 million records (15 GB of data) are now in the archive to help reduce query loads on the database.

  • Hubspot Integration handling for Raise a Ticket Bot is Live.


Release 3.4.8

Release Summary

Tested on: 9 February 2024 Operating System(Stable Version) - macOS - Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68) Browser: Chrome - Version 121.0.6167.160 (Official Build) (arm64)

βœ… Zapier Integration for All Platforms Bots ( BotPenguin Customers only )

  • We are giving Zapier Integration for all types of bots (for BotPenguin Customers only )

  • Zapier Integration can be used to automate the transfer of data between different platforms, ensuring that information is synchronized in real time.

  • Zapier Integration can be used to streamline the process of capturing leads.

βœ… Import WhatsApp contacts from Leadsquared integration to Customer contacts.

Import from third-party integration is available on the contacts section of the customer from which the user is able to import contacts from Leadsquared to BotPenguin contacts.

βœ… Bugs and Other UI Enhancements

  • Inbox Load More button UI issue ( text alingment was not okay) is now live.

  • Whatsapp Message Read status fided. ( When the customer opens the chat from any WhatsApp contact then all messages by bots show read on the end-user device).

  • Password edit for social logins (The user is now able to set the password for his account if created by Facebook and Google) .

  • Live Chat Component enhancements for the Website bot.

  • In "Single Choice" chat component the end chat feature is resolved.

  • Issue in the redirection of "Single Choice" chat component is fixed.


Release 3.4.7

Release Summary

Tested on: 2 February 2024 Operating System(Stable Version) - macOS - Ventura 13.2.1 (22D68) Browser: Chrome - Version 120.0.6099.216 (Official Build) (arm64)

βœ… Simplybook Integration for Website and Facebook

  • We added Simplybook Integration for the website and Facebook Bot now users should be able to Integrate Simplybook with Facebook and the website bot.

  • Added Appointment Component in Canvas for Facebook.

βœ… Bugs and Other UI Enhancements

  • For WhatsApp Bot if the same number is subscribed to 2 different bots then only one contact for that number is shown under Contacts and Inbox is implemented.

  • Isuee of the canvas flicker in Visualise flow section is resolved.

  • Canvas help text added "Use / to insert custom variables.

  • Zoho widget bot change functionality added for multiple WhatsApp bots.

  • Added user bot name in profile details.

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