Setup Zoho Integrations

This page contains information on how you can set up your Zoho account and use on the BotPenguin white label panel.

We have multiple integrations that work with Zoho such as Zoho Projects, CRM, etc. To use that integration, the Zoho OAuth app is required. Here is what you need to do the integration.

Required information for integration

To enable Zoho integration, you will need the following details

  • Zoho Client ID

  • Zoho Client Secret

  • Zoho Extention URL

Steps to complete integration

Step 1: Setup API Credentials

  1. Navigate to the following link

  2. Once you are logged in to the Dashboard, click on the "Add Client" on the top right. In case, You do not have the account, set up your Zoho account and then Proceed.

  3. Choose the client type as "Server based applications"

  4. Fill following details while creating a new client.

    1. Client Type: Server-based applications

    2. Client Name: Name of your Brand (e.g. BotPenguin)

    3. Home Page URL: Your Main App URL (e.g.

    4. Authorized Redirect URIs: {YOUR APP URL}/zoho-crm.html (e.g.

  5. Upon successful creation, A new page will open up with the following details. Copy and save them safely as you need the same later while Integrating.

    1. Client ID

    2. Client Secret

  6. Enable all the data centers under settings as per your need.

Step 2: Create Zoho Extention

Once you have created the client ID and Client Secret, Let's Create the Zoho CRM extension.

  1. Open the following URL on your browser

  2. Once you are logged in to the Dashboard, click on the "New Extension" on the top right. In case, You do not have the account, set up your Zoho account and then Proceed.

  3. Fill in the following details and click "Create"

    1. Name: Name of your extension (e.g BotPenguin)

    2. Unique Name space: Any unique identifier (e.g botpenguin)

    3. Description: Your Brand Description

    4. Service: Zoho CRM

  4. Once your extension is created, Choose Extention and Click on the "Edit" icon.

  5. Follow the following next steps for setting up the "Button". This button will allow your customers to open up BotPenguin inbox and send WhatsApp messages from Zoho CRM self.

  6. Click on the "Links & Button" tab and then click on the "Create New Button" on the top right.

  7. Fill following details for "Create new Button" option

    1. In which module would you like to create a new button?: "Contacts"

    2. What would you like to name the button? : Name as you want (e.g Send WhatsApp)

    3. Where would you like to place the button?: "View Page"

    4. What action would you like the button to perform?: "Invoke a Widget"

    5. Create Connected App: Put the following details to create connected apps

      1. Connected App Name: Your brand name (e.g BotPenguin)

      2. Description: Your sample description

      3. Choose Hosting: External

      4. Specify Base URL for Sandbox: {YOUR APP DOMAIN}/widgets/zoho-crm (e.g

      5. Specify Base URL for Production: {YOUR APP DOMAIN}/widgets/zoho-crm (e.g

      6. Modifiable: Yes

    6. Submit the details and your connected apps will get created.

  8. Now move to the last option on the sidebar "Publish" and Click on the "Publish" buttom on the top right

  9. Put the release notes (e.g Initial version released) and click "Confirm"

  10. Upon clicking the "Confirm" button, You will see the "Extention URL ". Copy the same and save it safely with you. This will need to be added to the BotPenguin.

Step 3: Save the configuration on the BotPenguin Agency Panel

  1. Login to the BotPenguin agency dashboard with your URL and find the "Zoho" configuration under the "Configurations" section.

  2. Click "Add" once you have added the configuration and you are done.

Please feel free to reach out in case of any further assistance to

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