Setup AWS SES Account

This page contains information on how you can set up your AWS SES account and use on the BotPenguin white label panel.

Required information for integration

To do AWS SES integration, you will need the following details

  • From email

  • AWS region

  • Access key

  • Secret key

Steps to complete integration

Step 1: Set up your AWS account

Navigate to the following link to create your AWS account.

Step 2: Verify your domain and email

Domain Verification:

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console:

  2. Verify a Domain:

    • In the SES console, navigate to the "Domains" section.

    • Click on the "Verify a New Domain" button.

  3. Enter Domain Name:

    • Enter the domain name you want to verify.

    • Click on the "Verify This Domain" button.

  4. Add DNS Records:

    • AWS SES will provide you with DNS records (TXT records) that you need to add to your domain's DNS settings.

    • Copy the provided records and add them to your DNS provider (e.g., Route 53, GoDaddy, etc.).

  5. Wait for Verification:

    • It might take some time for DNS changes to propagate. Wait until the domain is verified in the SES console.

Email Address Verification:

  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console:

  2. Verify an Email Address:

    • In the SES console, navigate to the "Email Addresses" section.

    • Click on the "Verify a New Email Address" button.

  3. Enter Email Address:

    • Enter the email address you want to verify.

    • Click on the "Verify This Email Address" button.

  4. Confirmation Email:

    • AWS SES will send a verification email to the specified address.

    • Open the email and click on the verification link provided.

  5. Wait for Verification:

    • After clicking the verification link, wait for the email address to be verified in the SES console.


  • Verification processes may vary slightly depending on updates to the AWS SES console.

  • Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to modify DNS records for domain verification.

Step 3: Set up SES Credentials

To create an IAM user with full access to AWS SES (Simple Email Service) but without console access, you can follow these general steps. Please note that you should have appropriate IAM permissions to perform these actions:

Create a New User

  1. In the IAM console, click on "Users" in the left navigation pane.

  2. Click on "Add user" to create a new user.

  3. Enter a username for the new user.

  4. Choose the type of access (programmatic access for AWS CLI, SDK, etc.).

Step 3: Attach Existing Policies

  1. On the "Set permissions" page, select "Attach existing policies directly."

  2. In the search box, type and select "AmazonSESFullAccess." This policy grants full access to SES.

    • You can also create a custom policy with the required SES permissions if needed.

Review and Create

  1. Click through the remaining steps to review your choices.

  2. On the last step, review the details and click "Create user."

Step 5: Download or Copy Access Credentials

  1. After creating the user, you'll be prompted to download the access credentials (Access key ID and Secret access key).

  • Important: Ensure you securely store these credentials as they will be needed for programmatic access.

Step 4: Obtain the necessary Details

Get the access key and secret key

  • Click on the IAM user for which you want to create access keys.

  • Go to the "Security credentials" tab.

  • Under the "Access keys" section, click on "Create access key."

  • After creating the access key, you'll be prompted to download the credentials.

  • If you don't download them, you can copy the access key ID and secret access key manually.

Get AWS Region

  • The SES resources (email sending, etc.) are associated with a specific AWS region. Identify the AWS region where you want to use SES.

  • This information can be found in the AWS Management Console, typically at the top right corner.

Get From Email

From email is the same as the email that you have created in verified entities.

Step 5: Save the configuration

Once you have all the details, Save them on the BotPenguin agency panel. Done!

Reach out to us at for any further assistance.

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