Setup ChatGPT Account

This page contains information on how you can set up your ChatGPT account and use on the BotPenguin white label panel.

ChatGPT is being used to enhance the bot's AI Capabilities. As of now, We give the option to the customer to create the bot and have a free demo till 100 messages. Your API Key will be used for those 100 Free messages consumed by your customers. Here is how you can set it up.

Required information for integration

To do AWS SES integration, you will need the following details

  • Chat GPT API Key

Steps to complete integration

Step 1: Setup your ChatGPT Account

  1. Before you create your API key, You need to set up your OpenAI (ChatGPT) account 1st. You can set it up using the following link.

  2. In case, you need help creating the Open AI Account, Use the following documentation by meta for the same.

Step 2: Create API Key

Once you are logged in to the portal, Follow the below steps to generate the key.

  1. Navigate to the "API Keys" option on the side navigation bar.

  2. Now click on the "Create new secret key" under API Keys section.

  3. Name the API Key and click "Create Secret Key".

  4. Copy the API key shown and save it safely with you.

Step 3: Integrate API Key on BotPenguin

  1. Navigate to BotPenguin Agency Panel with your URL and Go to "Configurations".

  2. Enter the key and Click "Connect" and Your Integration is Ready.

Reach out to us at for any further assistance.

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