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Unable to see the "Zoho CRM" service in the service while creating the Zoho Extention.

The Zoho CRM extensions can only be created for the US Data centers. However, you can use them across data centers. It means if your domain has any extension apart from the .com in the end (e.g. sigma.zoho.eu) then, You will not see the "Zoho CRM" option in services.

You have to create a new account in the US data center with the .com domain to resolve the above issues.

Here is the official documentation of Zoho for the same


How can I get my White Label mobile app?

As of now, the BotPenguin White Label mobile app is only available as an add-on. Please contact the BotPenguin sales team for more details.

If you have already purchased the add-on, Please share the access to the developer account for the Google Developer Account and Apple Developer Account at developer@botpenguin.com and inform the BotPenguin support team. Please refer to below links for more details.

Invite to Apple Developer Account

Invite to Google Play Console

How can we host BotPenguin Inbox inside any custom 3rd party application.

BotPenguin does allow the hosting of BotPenguin inbox inside 3rd party applications given the use case is valid and as per BotPenguin terms and policies. If your use case is valid and Approved, You can open the BotPenguin inbox as IFrame inside your custom application

Here are the steps required for the same.

  1. Discuss your use case with the BotPenguin Support Team and get it approved.

  2. Share your URL with BotPenguin support inside which you will open the BotPenguin inbox as an IFrame.

  3. BotPenguin team will whitelist your parent URL after that you will be able to open the BotPenguin Inbox URL as IFrame in your application.

Here is BotPenguin's open Inbox URL Which will be opened inside your custom application.

Inbox URL:

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