Setup Facebook App for WhatsApp & Facebook Bots

This page contains the information on how you can setup your Facebook app which is crucial for the getting WhatsApp automated onboarding and Facebook bot creation.

Facebook App is needed with valid permission & advance access for the setting of the WhatsApp Automated onboarding and Facebook Bot. Here is the pre-requisites and process for the same.


To enable Facebook App integration, you will need the following details

Required Details for Integration on the BotPenguin Portal

  • App ID

  • App Secret

  • System User Token

  • App Config ID

Other Required Details

Apart from the above, You will require the following to make your integration work properly.

  • Verified Meta Business Manager

  • Valid Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions link

  • Advance permissions Approval from Meta

    • whatsapp_business_messaging

    • public_profile

    • email

    • whatsapp_business_management

    • catalog_management

    • pages_manage_metadata

    • pages_messaging

    • Business Asset User Profile Access

    • pages_user_locale

    • pages_user_timezone

    • pages_user_gender

    • pages_read_engagement

    • business_management

    • pages_show_list

Steps to complete integration

Step 1: Setup your Meta App

Follow the steps given in the below document to create your Meta app.

πŸ”€Create a Meta App

Step 2: Setup System User Token

Follow the steps given in the below document to create your system user token.

πŸ“–Meta System User Token

Step 3: Create the App Configuration for WhatsApp Automated Onboarding

Follow the steps given in the below document to create and get an App Config ID.

πŸ“–Create Facebook Login for Business Configuration

Step 4: Share the details for Approval & Further Configuration

Once you have completed the above steps, share the access of the business manager for further configuration along with a valid privacy policy and terms & conditions link. Here is a guide on how you can share the access. You have to share access on the following email.

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