🟩May '24 Releases

This Page contains the information of the releases of BotPenguin

Release 3.6.1 and 3.6.2

Release Summary Date: 25 may 2024

Tested on: May 24, 2024

Operating System: macOS - Ventura 13.2.1

Browser: Chrome - Version 123.0.6312.59

βœ…Instagram Platform Integration

Instagram Platform added to BotPenguin, where users can create and manage their Instagram presence directly through BotPenguin.

  • The automation section has been introduced, allowing customers to create broadcast messages and drip campaigns.

  • Ability to build multiple automation flows and select default or revisit flows based on specific use cases.

  • Instagram integration supports API, live chat, and other essential components within automation flows.

  • A "Train Your AI" section has been added to the Instagram bot for improved performance and customization.

βœ…New ChatGPT Models Added

  • ChatGPT 4.0 and 4 Turbo models added to ChatGPT integration.

  • New models provide users with more precise and accurate information.

βœ…Platform Enhancements

  • Fixed issue with clicking "initiate live chat" from the inbox presenting an error.

  • Fixed issue where the last message was not shown to the user without scrolling down in the inbox chat window.

  • Fixed issue with the auto-hide call-to-action timer not updating.

  • WordPress plugin is now activated on the dashboard.

  • Fixed WhatsApp template creation errors.

  • Resolved tag/attribute updates for WhatsApp single-choice options.

  • Fixed issue with the "Initiate Live Chat" button.

  • Added unread message filter to the inbox.

  • Fixed Bitrix Integration for mapping questions issue for WhatsApp.

  • Profile details not showing after the email update has been fixed.

  • Faster home screen loading enabled.

  • The "Hire Agent" button is fully functional.

  • Country code pre-fills for new contacts issue has been fixed.

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