WhatsApp API Generation Prerequisites & Process

Find all the necessary information here before generating WhatsApp API, WhatsApp Business Accounts ID & Phone ID here.

Prerequisites for WhatsApp API Key Generation and Bot Activation:

  1. A phone number not registered with any WhatsApp account (if it is registered, then delete it following the simple steps listed in the next section)

  2. A Facebook business page linked to your Meta/Facebook account, reflecting your business. Please create one if not created yet.

  3. Access to your Meta Business Suite via any desk or login credentials

  4. Name of your WhatsApp Bot (must be relevant to your business legal name).

How to Delete the WhatsApp Phone Number for Migration

  1. Open WhatsApp Business App.

  2. Navigate to Settings> Account.

  3. Select Delete My Account

  4. Follow these steps to delete the WhatsApp account for the phone number. The disconnected number may take up to 3 minutes to become available. Check the image below.

Requirements while configuration

These are the required details while configuring Meta Business Manager, with a focus on generating an Access key, WhatsApp Business Account ID, and Phone ID

  1. Create a Business Account if not yet created one. While creating a business account, please provide us with all relevant information like Business Name, Address, Business Category, and Website URL to create the business account.

  1. OTP Verification: The number to be converted to API WhatsApp should be with you to receive the OTP and enter it within 59 seconds.

  2. Enter Payment Method: After OTP verification, the payment method is added; please keep the information for your credit or debit card at hand.

  3. Ensure your availability while the complete process of filling and confirming the details.

Voila, you are all set.

When done properly, the whole process takes less than 15 minutes. We value both of our time preciously and request you to line up the prerequisites before scheduling a setup call.

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