Common Errors & Troubleshooting

This section contains most occurring errors and how you can troubleshoot them to fix.
The Password field is not accepting my password
The Email field is not accepting my email
My WhatsApp API key is not working
My Telegram bot token is not working
I am unable to connect To my Facebook page
I have installed the script on my website; however, a bot is not appearing
I have connected the bot to my CRM. However, it is not sending leads
I am unable to connect to my CRM
I created the test lead. However, I cannot see it in my leads panel
I am not receiving new lead notifications
My analytics seems to be wrong. It shows old data
I am unable to add anything after three team members
I am unable to apply the white label add-on
I am unable to use the messages add-on
I have made changes to my configuration. However, it is not reflected in the bot