Onboarding FAQs

This section deals with key FAQs regarding user onboarding to the BotPenguin

What are conversational landing pages

Conversational landing pages are interactive web pages for organizations who do not have a proper website for visitors. The landing page can ask questions, collect information and provide information to visitors. Conversational landing pages can help drive four times more conversions than a basic landing page.

What is a livechat bot or Livechat widget

A traditional chatbot answers questions based on a predefined set of answers. In contrast, a live chatbot works with a support agent and a predefined set of answers. It adds empathy, a whole new level of customer assistance. The main benefit is that your support team can take over anytime the conversation becomes complex.

How to upload a custom chatbot Icon & color
  1. Login to the BotPenguin app using your registered credentials.

  2. On your dashboard or side navigation panel under bots, you can see the different bots you have created, or you can create a new one.

  3. Select any bot or click on Edit Icon, which will open a new screen of Bot Setup

  4. Select the 3rd option, Bot Settings, and a new page with the Design tab will open up.

  5. On the page, you will see the option to change the Bot Icon along with Other design changes.

  6. You can upload a new icon by clicking on the upload icon or selecting from available Avatars.

  7. Once you have selected/uploaded, click the Save Changes button.

  8. To change the Bot's color, choose the desired colors from the Theme Color and Chat Background Color options.

Please note that any changes in the Bot will reflect in 15 mins time intervals. If you want them to change immediately, Navigate to the 'General' tab, click on the Invalidate Cache option, and save changes.

What is a Facebook bot, and how does it works

Facebook Bot is the Integration of your Facebook business page and BotPenguin Application. Once the Integration is completed and active, BotPenguin enables you to run a pre-programmed flow on the Facebook page messenger.

Automated messages are sent to people commenting on your page post and collect leads and many more features. To make the Integration, You will require to provide permissions to BotPenguin to access your pages and manage certain permission.

How to get the WhatsApp Business API key

The WhatsApp Business API key is the access key to access your WhatsApp business API account. It enables you to access the messages/chat sent on your WhatsApp number, manage your WhatsApp profile, or many more features using the BotPenguin platform. This key will be available once your mobile no has been whitelisted/approved for the Whatsapp Business API account by Meta.

What is a Telegram bot token

A Telegram bot token is an authentication token/key issued by Telegram. It enables you to access the messages/chat sent on your telegram bot, manage your Telegram contacts, or many more features using the BotPenguin platform.

How to create a new bot token
  1. Open your telegram app, Search For @BotFather

  2. The Botfather is an official bot of Telegram that issues an API Key for each Bot present on Telegram.

  3. Type the command /newbot. It will ask for your Bot's name.

  4. Type in a name, and then a message will pop up with the API key and other details. Copy the details and save them for future use.

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