WhatsApp FAQs

This section includes FAQs regarding WhatsApp Chatbots and Pricing

How and when your conversation limits in WhatsApp will increase?

Each time you initiate a new conversation with a unique customer Meta will determine if your limit should be increased. This determination is based on the following criteria:

  • your phone number status is Connected

  • your phone number quality rating is Medium or High

  • in the last 7 days, you have initiated X or more conversations with unique customers, where X is your current messaging limit divided by 2

If you meet all conditions, we will increase your messaging limit by one level in 24 hours.

How to check Meta Conversation limit

You can check your current messaging limits in the WhatsApp Manager > Overview Dashboard > Insights tab. The panel depicted below will only show your current limit if your messaging limit has increased from the default limit of 250.

What is the phone number quality rating, and how does it affect my messaging limit?

The phone number quality rating is a measure of your phone number's reliability and trustworthiness when initiating conversations with customers. If your phone number has been flagged in the last 7 days, Meta will immediately decrease your messaging limit by one level. This means you will have a reduced capacity to initiate new conversations with unique customers.

How to add a new WhatsApp template?

You can create templates either from the WhatsApp Meta Manager or using the BotPenguin template tab.

Is there a free plan?

No, WhatsApp's new policies do not allow free trials; if anyone provides it, it is nothing but false advertising.

What is your markup on Meta prices?

We do not charge anything on top of Meta conversation charges; you pay the WhatsApp conversations fee directly to Meta.

Is there any message limit?

No, all charges are conversations based. BotPenguin’s platform pricing is based on the plan of conversations you choose.

I want a WhatsApp bot along with my website bot, what should I do?

You must take two separate subscriptions, as WhatsApp has a different pricing structure.

Can you provide me with green-tick verification?

We do; we'll get you through everything once you start with us.

Can I send bulk messages?

Yes, they can be scheduled and targeted as per your strategy.

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