Integrate BotPenguin with Microsoft Teams

This page contains the stepwise tutorial for Teams integration with BotPenguin


Upload BotPenguin

Depending on how you configured your app's scope, you can sideload your app to a team, chat, meeting, or personal use.

  1. Log in to the Teams client with your Microsoft 365 development account.

  2. Select Apps > Manage your apps and Upload an app.

  3. Select Upload a custom app

  4. Select your BotPenguin package .zip file.

  5. Add your app to Teams as per your requirement:

    a. Select Add to add your personal app. b. Use the dropdown menu to add your app to a Team or chat.


    If your app fails to sideload or encounters any issues with uploading, check the following options:

    1. Ensure that you've followed all the instructions for creating your app package.

    2. Contact us for any queries or problems.

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