Install Website Chatbot on Custom Build Website

This page contains the tutorial on how to install the BotPenguin website bot on the custom-build website.

BotPenguin website bots support all sort of websites. However most common of all is custom build. Here is how you can integrate chatbots on custom-build websites.

βœ… Installation Instructions

1. Get your bot ready to go-live

Before you move ahead, Make sure you have completed the following steps.

2. Paste API Code/key and make the bot live

Once you have completed the 1st step, Go to the HTML code of your website.

  • Find the HTML file such as header that is available in all the website pages.

  • Paste the API key/code which you copied in the 1st step, and paste it before closing the tag.

  • Save and deploy your new updated code and done!

3. Test your bot now

You have completed all the heavy lifting. Open your website in private mode (Incognito window) to avoid any cache issues and you will find BotPenguin chatbot on your website.

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