Manging team roles & Users

This page contains information on how can you can add new team members and you give them custom access permissions.
Please note: Only the King (Paid) plan have the feature of having more than one team member (i.e. three), if you need more than that, Please request the BotPenguin support team for the same.

User & Roles

Here are brief definitions of users and Roles.
Team Users are client team members with assigned roles and permissions within the platform. These roles define what actions they can perform and what they can access, such as configuring chatbots, managing content, or viewing analytics. Team Users in BotPenguin help streamline collaboration and access control in the chatbot building and management process.
Team Roles are the module-based permission (such as view, edit, None) for any roles that can be assigned to different team members.

Manage Roles & Users

In BotPenguin, you can efficiently manage team roles and users to streamline access and permissions within your account. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

Step 1: Access the BotPenguin Dashboard

  • Log in to your BotPenguin account and access the dashboard.

Step 2: Navigate to the "Team" Section

  • In the dashboard, find and click on the "Team" section in the side nav bar.

Step 3: Create a New Role

  • Inside the "Team" section, navigate to "Roles" and click "Create Role."

Step 4: Configure Role Details

  • Set up the role by providing the following details:
    • Name: Assign a name for the new role.
    • Description: Add a brief description for reference.
    • Assign Permissions: Customize permissions for this role based on your specific needs. Permissions are related to different modules within the BotPenguin platform.

Step 5: Save the Role

  • After configuring the role details, click "Save" to create the new role.

Step 6: Add a New User

  • Once the role is created, go to the "Users" tab and select "Add User."

Step 7: Fill User Details

  • In the "Add User" pop-up, fill in the following user details:
    • Name: Enter the user's name.
    • Email: Provide the user's email address.
    • Phone Number: Add the user's phone number.
    • Select Role: Choose the appropriate role for the user.
    • Password: Set a password for the user.
    • Confirm Password: Confirm the password.

Step 8: Create User

  • Click "Create User" to add the new team member to your BotPenguin account.

Step 9: Manage Users and Roles

  • You can manage, edit, delete, or bulk delete users and roles from the same page, allowing you to fine-tune your team's access and permissions.
And there you have it! You've successfully created a new role and added a new user to your BotPenguin account. This streamlined management process helps you control access and permissions effectively.