Find the answers to the most asked questions about BotPenguin's integration with ChatGPT

Can I train BotPenguin chatbots on my own data with ChatGPT?

Yes, BotPenguin's state-of-the-art integration with ChatGPT brings you the power of Natural Language Processing, AI, with business intent. You can train your bots to give answers based on the selective data you provide.

Do I need to use API key for ChatGPT powered bot ?

Yes, You will need your own ChatGPT for running the AI-powered bot. By Default, We give 100 messages for free for demo purposes.

I am not able to use ChatGPT4, as it is greyed out. how can I use ChatGPT4?

ChatGPT 4 access is enabled only for the user whose API key has access to ChatGPT4. If your API key does not have GPT Model 4 Access, Then It will show greyed out in your account. Here is the official documentation which can help with ChatGPT 4 access.


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