Drip Campaigns

This section contains a quick guide on how to create and use the Drip Campaigns in the WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Bot

What is a drip campaign?

A Drip Campaign is a scheduled and structured flow of messages created for customer onboarding journeys. You can define which messages to be sent or can create the whole onboarding journey using the timeline-based messages and chat flow. It only applies to the new customers starting their conversation with the bot.

These drip campaigns can be used for creating a funnel and doing timely communication to your new customer to make them aware, act, and adopt your product or services.

It can be easily created on the BotPenguin dashboard using the guide below

How to create Drip Campaigns?

1. Name your Drip Campaign

  1. To create one, Go to the Drip Campaign tab in Bot Settings and click Create Campaign on the top right.

  1. Enter the Campaign name. And then create your schedule.

2. Define your drip campaign schedule

  1. Add a schedule for the first flow of messages and choose a flow, such as Flow Sales, from the 1st Schedule dropdown.

  2. You can choose another message flow, such as Flow 1, and then choose the schedule, such as After 2 days, for sending flow messages to the customer. Save and update.

  3. Click on 'Create Campaign' once more, and your Drip Campaign will be 'Created Successfully' and listed under 'Campaign name’.

Done! You have created your drip campaign. Now, whenever any new user comes up, They will receive communication as per your drip.

If everything is correct and you are still unable to move forward, write to us at contact@botpenguin.com. We will respond back within 48 business hours.

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