Make Your Telegram Chatbot

This section contains a tutorial on how to create a Telegram Chatbot, edit the bot's chat flow and bot's settings.

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Select the `Telegram Chatbot` tab while selecting the Chatbot platform.

Login to your Telegram Account

a. Enter your registered Telegram mobile number and click `connect`

b. You will receive a `Login code` in your Telegram account. Enter the Login Code

here and click to login to your Telegram Account.

c. You may click to `resend` code in case you haven`t received it. If still not received the

Login code, please verify the Telegram mobile number and re-enter it by clicking

`Change number`.

Connect Your Bot

a. You may choose an existing Telegram bot to connect with BotPenguin or

b. Click `Create new bot` to be directed to the screen where you will be asked to enter

  • Name of your new bot

  • Username. Username should end with `bot` eg. lena_bot or lenabot.

c. Enter the details and click `Connect` and you will be directed to the dashboard section

where you can `Edit your chat flow` and `Telegram Bot Settings`.

Edit Your Chat Flow

a. A chat flow is a structure of messages that determines how a conversation will take

place between your chatbot and the user. Click on the `Edit Your Chat Flow` tab to

customize your chat flow.

b. Here, you will find a pre-created template of a chat flow that you can customize as per

your business needs. It is very easy and quick to customize the chat flow. Here is the Quick Guide on How to Edit Your Chat Flow.

Edit Your Bot Settings

Chat Flows

Here, you can also create multiple chat flows from the `Create flow` option

by adding the name of the flow. Once a flow is added, it will be listed under `Flow name`.

This way you can add any number of flows.

Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaign is a scheduled and structured flow of messages

created for customer onboarding journeys. To create one, go to the `Drip Campaigns` tab and click `Create Campaign`. Here is the Quick Guide on How to Create Drip



A Widget is a chat interface that can be installed in your website, ads, blogs or

any promotional content to route subscribers to your Chatbot. You can create multiple

widgets by following a few easy steps on the BotPenguin dashboard. To create one, go

to the `Widgets` tab in `Bot Settings` and click `Create Widget` on the extreme right. Here is the Quick Guide on How to Create a Widget


A Broadcast is a chat flow or a message that can be blasted in one click, to

the targeted segment or group of contacts. To create one, go to the `Broadcast` tab in

the `Bot Settings` and click the `Create New Broadcast` on the extreme right.

Here is the Tutorial for Creating a Broadcast.

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