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The new UI is available now!

Release Date: 22/09/2022
Affects all customers which are using the BotPenguin Dashboard.
We have made the new update UI for better usability now. You can access the same on​
BotPenguin new updated UI

Key Changes

Though we have completely revamped platform UI which we are sure you will love it. Here are some of the key changes that will help you get used to the same.

1. Top Profile Menu and other options have been moved to the side navigation bar

In the new UI, We have moved the following options from the top profile menu to the new side navigation bar. These are the list of options that have been moved to the side navigation bar.
  • Inbox
  • Analytics
  • Team
  • Subscriptions
  • Notifications
  • My Account (Previously My Profile)
  • Log out
New Side Navigation Bar for Quick Access

2. New "Bots" menu for quick access to bots

We have added a Bots options in the side navigation bar for quick access.
New Bots Menu in BotPenguin

3. Bot Setup page navigation has been changed from top bar to card layout

May be below image will clarify this better
New UI
New Bot Setup Page Navigation in BotPenguin
Old UI
Old Bot Setup Navifation in BotPenguin
We have moved all bot design settings on the Bot Settings page. Here is a snapshot of the same.
Bot design setting in new BotPenguin UI

5. New Drag and Drop Bot Builder

We have introduced the new Drag & Drop canvas-based bot builder for easy bot building. You can access the same by clicking on the Edit Your Chat Flow option on the BotPenguin bot setup page.
New BotPenguin drag and Drop Bot Builder

6. Contact and Segments have been moved to the Inbox

We have moved the Contact and Segment section from the bot setup page to Inbox.
Contact and Segment page in the New UI

Looking for a new feature

in case you have got any feature, you can raise the feature request using the below link

Report a Bug

in case you have got any bugs. Report us now, we will fix it asap

Got any questions?

If you can having any questions, you can look into our repository of FAQs, most likely, you will find your answer here, If now, write us at [email protected]

Not getting used to of new UI, Go back to the old UI

If you are struggling using the new UI, Don't worry, You will get fond of it very soon. You can access the old UI from the home page of the BotPenguin dashboard.
Click on the Classic version button on the top navigation bar, and you will be redirected to the old UI. Alternatively, you can directly open the same using the link below.
Go back to classic version of BotPenguin